About Us

A General partner company by Mr. Hussien Aly Abdel Naby, then continued by Mr. Emad Abdelnaby as the Chairman and the only owner for the company,who put all his experience and his effort, leading the company to become a name of trust in the middle east automotive industury. National Motors started with 6 different branches all over the country and 3 service stations with 125 employees and 4 main sub-dealers.

since1988 to 2001, National Motors was the leading dealer amongst 4 dealers for General Motors in egypt, with annual sales exceeding 5000 units in 1998, with $70 million turnover.

since 2001 to 2011 National Motors is ranked as No.(1) in cars importation ( Kia – ISUZU- VWGroup).

since 2008 – Till now National Motors is the sole distributor of “SAIPA” Corporation.

since 2015 National motor’s started business with DONGFENG Motor corporation as a sale distributer for DFSK in Egypt for passenger cars.

National Motors Employees has reached 250 employees serving the whole Republic of Egypt.


Was Established in 1971

Company name: National Group

Organization type: Automotive Corp – Family Business.

Chairman: Mr. Emad Abd El Naby.

COE : Mr. Ahmed Abd El Naby.

COE Assit : Mr. Hatem Abd El Naby.

Our Group

National Real Estate

To start its activity in the field of real estate investments by acquiring land in key locations in Cairo and Giza, such as Abu Rawash, Tagamoa Area and Nasr City, 6th of October City. National also owns vast tracts of real estate in Sharm El-Shikh tourist city and owns National real estate space in both Alexandria & Assiout to reach a total space owned 400,000 square meters.

National Real Estate is involved in the sale and rental of residential units of entire buildings and villas and residential complexes.

National Agriculture

At the Upper Egypt and began torely on modern agriculture technology to raise up the productivity of agriculture land, which is owned by National agriculture to occupy an advanced position in the productivity per acre . The National Agriculture e export crops, especially fruits of many countries in the world and the European Union, while it meets the quality standards of the European Union… National Agriculture total Land is about 150 acres at Upper Egypt.


A Non-Profit Organization

A Charity Hospital

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